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today many africans refer to it as the tree of life and its not hard to see why with a trunk that can grow up to 15m in circumference a single tree can hold up to 4500 litres of water, vega33 corrected his mistake but the occasion of the photographer displaying the crop circle upside down with respect to the proper orientation of the tree of life may have revealed the message intended by the makers of this crop circle, the tree of life or universal tree of life is a metaphor model and research tool used to explore the evolution of life and describe the relationships between organisms both living and extinct as described in a famous passage in charles darwins on the origin of species 1859, hanging fir trees upside down goes back to the middle ages when europeans did it to represent the trinity but now christmas trees are shaped with the tip pointing to heaven and some think an upsidedown christmas tree is disrespectful or sacrilegious origins of the tree of life to find the seed of the tree of life we must dive into the places where it first appears religious texts in this case the bible offers an initial reference to the tree of life, in kabbalah the jewish mystical tradition underlying judaism and christianity two different tree of life symbols are used one is upsidedown and the other rightsideup the original tree of life emanates out of the divine world of unity and is depicted as upsidedown with its roots flowing from the divine place of unity and infinite light, the tree has since split into two parts so the widest individual trunk may now be that of the sunland baobab or platland tree also in south africa the diameter of this tree at ground level is 93 m 31 ft and its circumference at breast height is 34 m 112 ft, the jewish orphic tradition of kabbalah features two types of trees of life the upright tree and the upsidedown tree the latter called the original tree of life symbolises life emanating from gods world the divine world of unity and its roots flowing from the divine place of unity and infinite light thus god i think the cabbalistic tree of life is inverted rooted in the heavens its not druidry but it might be interesting to look at, 4 tree of life everything grows up and outincluding you and me 5 peace instead of death and despair 6 semaphore flags u d unilateral disarmament or universal disarmament 7 matches your other peace symbolyes your hand peace symbol go ahead and compare it take a look side by side

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