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In 1977 Mike Nesmith Fooled The World When The Monkees Sold More Records Than The Beatles And

im a believer by the monkees written by neil diamond was the topselling single of 1967 beating out even the beatles in that year, the monkees outsold the beatles and the rolling stones in 1967 yes you read that correctly in 1967 the year of sgt peppers lonely hearts club band between the buttons and their satanic , yes they were a ripoff of the beatles but contrary to snarky news articles at the time all four of the monkees could actually sing and play musical instrumentsin the beginningbob rafelson , in 1996 all four members of the group reunited for a new album justus and tv special hey hey its the monkees in the wake of joness death on february 12 2012 the surviving members of the monkees reunited and performed a series concerts when the monkees came to england in 1967 the beatles even threw them a big party at the speakeasy club mike nesmith had dinner at john lennons home and the two and their two respective wives became friends, the monkees were an american rock and pop band originally active between 1966 and 1971 with reunion albums and tours in the decades that followed they were formed in los angeles in 1965 by bob rafelson and bert schneider for the american television series the monkees which aired from 1966 to 1968, the beatles and the monkees comparing the monkees to the beatles is one of those arguments where its best to tread lightly unless you have some thick skin its like comparing apples and oranges or perhaps more to the point apple and microsoft of the two the beatles are definitely apple, the beatles loved the monkees and you should too there are some gems lurking on the monkees best of the country rock shuffle of listen to the band the aforementioned randy scouse git and the bohemian bounce of for petes sake among them hey hey they were the monkees and they were really quite something youre watching the official music video for the monkees timeless hit daydream believer christmas party the first holiday album by the monkees is available now httpsrhinolnkto , the monkees debut album released the same day as their first show sold 3 million copies in two months which was faster than the beatles first album had sold

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