Mystery Mine

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jan 13 2019 the mystery mine is a thrilling ride through an abandoned mine in a coal cart check out our review with photos and information, looking for statistics on the fastest tallest or longest roller coasters find it all and much more with the interactive roller coaster database, 11 reviews of mystery mine fossil fueled frenzy this gerstlauer custom roller coaster is packed with more surprises than an exploding coalmine of all of the attractions at dollywood this is the one that intrigued me most id seen photos of what if there is no light at the end of the tunnel find out on dollywoods mystery mine steel coaster where a 1811foot track travels through an abandoned coal mine uncertain encounters and amazing maneuvers await including a hairraising 95degree 85foot vertical drop that plunges into darkness, mystery mine is a gerstlauer eurofighter roller coaster at dollywood a theme park in pigeon forge tennesseethe ride is heavily themed as a haunted mining operation from the 19th century with sections taking place outdoors and within a large building that features special effectsat a cost of 175 million to construct mystery mine was dollywoods largest singleattraction investment , dynamic adventure in the mystery mine dangerous monsters and bosses ancient magic and decisions on which many lives depend can the ordinary aborigine save the world early reviews of dollywoods mystery mine roller coaster a correspondent from thrillnetwork was onhand for the official opening day of mystery minein case youre out of the loop mystery mine is dollywoods new heavilythemed looping roller coaster, the largest capital investment in dollywood history mystery mine is a oneacre expansion of the parks timber canyon area continuing the areas lumber camp theme mystery mine is set in an abandoned coal mine where eightpassenger mine carts immediately plunge riders into darkness before continuing along a 1811foot track through the ruins of an early 1900s mine

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