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Monica Lewinsky Reacts To TV Special Regarding Bill

the clintonlewinsky scandal was an american political sex scandal that involved 49yearold president bill clinton and 22yearold white house intern monica lewinskythe sexual relationship took place between 1995 and 1997 and came to light in 1998 clinton ended a televised speech in late january 1998 with the statement that he did not have sexual relations with that woman miss lewinsky, you got a raw fing deal kid those were the first words the late pulitzerprizewinning author norman mailer ever uttered to monica lewinsky the brief exchange took place at a bookstore event in 2002 during which mailers son michael introduced the two, june 1995 monica lewinsky 21 comes to the white house as an unpaid intern in the office of chief of staff leon panetta november 1995 lewinsky and president bill clinton begin a sexual , on the 20th anniversary of the starr investigation which introduced her to the world the author reflects on the changing nature of trauma the deevolution of the media and the extraordinary monica samille lewinsky born july 23 1973 is an american activist television personality fashion designer and former white house intern president bill clinton admitted to having had what he called an inappropriate relationship with lewinsky while she worked at the white house in 19951996 the affair and its repercussions which included clintons impeachment became known later as , after nearly 20 years monica lewinsky crossed paths with the man who led the investigation that resulted in president bill clintons impeachmentand made her life a living hell, monica lewinsky took to twitter on tuesday to serve up a correction to the title of an upcoming true crime series special about her affair with former president bill clinton and his subsequent , monica lewinsky writes in vanity fair for the first time about her affair with president clinton its time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress she also says i myself deeply next page previous lets see all the candid photos of monica lewinsky a photograph of the coatlike dress with a belt and buckle around the waist was in the pile of documents released in the inquiry into president clintons affair with monica lewinskywhen she took the dress out of her closet some time after what she testified was an intimate encounter with clinton on feb 28 1997 , lewinskys credibility is an issue and not just because of the attacks youd expect from clinton allies several people newsweek interviewed for their initial story before the white house even knew about it said that lewinsky bragged a lot about her political connections and affairs and it would not be unlike her to invent or embellish an affair like this

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