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Monica Lewinsky On 39one Of Worst Days39 Of Her Life

monica lewinsky says grief led her to take part in new docuseries the clinton affair in a new vanity fair essay monica lewinsky now 45 looks back on the bill clinton sex scandal through a , the papers offer a look at hillary clintons mindset through some of the most difficult parts of her husbands presidency including the monica lewinsky scandal, monica lewinsky concedes in a new documentary that she harbored a crush on president bill clinton throughout her early days at the white house and frequently flirted with him even , monica lewinsky is telling all in a new interview that details her affair with former president bill clinton and how the scandal forever changed her life fox news has learned ae confirmed the the clintonlewinsky scandal was an american political sex scandal that involved 49yearold president bill clinton and 22yearold white house intern monica lewinskythe sexual relationship took place between 1995 and 1997 and came to light in 1998 clinton ended a televised speech in late january 1998 with the statement that he did not have sexual relations with that woman miss lewinsky, 16 years after her affair with bill clinton was exposed monica lewinsky critiques the culture that put a 24yearold through the wringer, monica lewinsky gives the blowbyblow of the clinton scandal in a new documentary get your first look here, a new documentary exploring the bill clintonmonica lewinsky sex scandal is telling a story for the metoo era through interviews with a number of people close to it including lewinsky herself how did we miss this i blame monica just as much as i blame bill for the affair she actually told a friend when she got the intern job that she was going to washington with her knee pads on, the irony is that at the time she said it was a story to tell her grandchildren when she was an old lady i cant imagine many men want to be involved with a woman who is obssessed with a married boyfriend from decades ago who is still married to the same woman and is now a feeble old man

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