Lindsey Graham Attacks Untrustworthy Hillary Clinton

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border wall news trump exposed the real collusion its between media and openborder democrats president trump walks out of white house meeting with chuck and nancy total waste of time obama hillary clinton both supported trumps plan to stop migrants at border, so yesterday we had a trump twitter meltdown with the tweeter in chief mentioning robert mueller by name on twitter for what im told is the first time at the same time numerous gop pols and expols trump friends and foes alike took to the sunday shows to warn trump that firing mueller , the obama doctrine the us president talks through his hardest decisions about americas role in the world, the evidence is growing that murdered dnc staffer seth rich leaked over 44000 emails to wikileaks democrats assert that the russians hacked into the dncs emails however julian assange of wikileaks maintains that the russians didnt do it he says a disgruntled insider did it last weekend graham loss in wall fight could be end of gop if he gives in now thats the end of 2019 in terms of him being an effective president thats probably the end of his presidency graham said, w hen the billionaire republican activist and hewlettpackard ceo meg whitman endorsed hillary clinton for president last month it had almost nothing to do with clinton or her politics in an , democrats and some republicans on monday criticized president donald trumps performance at a news conference with russian president vladimir putin during a summit in helsinki finland former , what the heck happened and whats next looking back there was so much anecdotal evidence all those guys at the bar in a hollowed out ohio steel town who did not know a single clinton heres the live feed for the presidents news conference with putin at the end of their helsinki summit the reason that this deal would be terrible is that the us led coalition has not defeated isis in syria or iraq what has happened is that free of having to function as both a military and , 2 thanks ben and good morning all ive had such nightmares over the alleged content of hillary and humas video

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