Katy Perry Symbolism

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Decoding Illuminati Symbolism Moloch Owls And The Horns

when referencing katy perrys career and goals she discusses the goddess of illuminati symbolism madonna but also makes a curious reference to another musician i love madonna to death but shes never going to give me that damn baton, acts 319 king james version kjv 19 repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the lord god is not mock, hollywood mind controlilluminati symbolismtype 1 artist the occult meaning of katy perrys et video what is being programmed into the minds of our children supernatural fornication with extraterrestrial demons what is the occult message of et this is an analysis of the psychological warfare of popular music, katy perry is the ideal of the modern popstar young beautiful controversial and completely controlled by the music industry illuminati so its no surprise that her sick and twisted new music video bon appétit is infused with illuminati symbology katy perrys wide awake is a prime example of monarch programming symbolism being promoted in mass media products while it may be deemed original and imaginative by many it is strikingly similar to other mkthemed video analyzed on this site, home katy perry katy perrys chained to the rhythm video gnostic political illuminati symbolism hello and welcome back to your home for decoding the conspiracy that exists in our realm of pop culture the media and the illuminati have been pushing this idea that katy perry is woke , firework lyrics play firework on amazon music do you ever feel like a plastic bag fireworks is a very beautiful song that has a very powerful meaning this song talks about revealing your true self to the world instead of keeping it a secret there are hundreds of articles on the topic and katy perry wanted to show her support , katy perrys witness satanic symbolism abounds most of perrys witness album artwork focused on the third eye and allseeing eye symbolism witness perrys newest album is rife with occult themes and symbolism katy perry also used double entendre for the representation of the tiger common symbolism for the tiger from spiritanimalinfo is the primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower personal strength and courage shadow or part of you that you would normally try to hide or reject, all the illuminati references in katy perrys dark horse video the video for katy perrys dark horse premiered today and whether you believe that the worlds pop stars have all sold their

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