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justin bieber and selena gomez take the internet by storm with their pda pictures about this gallery a known actress and singer selena gomez who first appeared as a child artist for disney channels series is now one of worlds favourite diva she is grabbing all attention for her candid pictures with justin bieber lets take a look at some of selena and justins photos, mystery solved behind the viral photo of justin bieber eating a burrito sideways gotcha instagram yestheory thank you to brad sousa our incredible, justin bieber causes another internet frenzy with crazy throwback pic of selena gomez could this instagram possibly be justin biebers shady response to the story that this weekend possibly justin bieber was spotted eating a burrito on a park bench and the photo was shared on reddit because well of how the pop star was eating the burrito instead of starting from the ends like most people justin starts from the middle the internet of course was pretty shook by this revelation doesjustin bieber not know howburritos work, justin biebers burritoeating travesty has the internet looking sideways at him justin bieber is that any way to eat a burrito fans lose it as the singer chows his food in a way thats so wrong, last week the internet was enthralled by a viral image of a person many claimed was justin bieber eating a burrito sidewaysit became the subject of viral memes internet debate on the right way last week the internet was equal parts confused and enraged when a photo of justin bieber eating a burrito sideways hit reddit turns out that photo was staged okay cool, poor justin bieber his insane fans and more insane enemies may keep his name hot in search trends but thats not always a good thingover the past few months weve been noticing some bizarre , canadian pop singer justin bieber was barely into his teens when he released his 2009 debut my world and became one of the youngest success stories in contemporary pop when it went either platinum or double platinum in several countries

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