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washington representative ilhan omar who has been battling charges of antisemitism for weeks apologized on monday for insinuating that american support for israel is fueled by money from a , rep ilhan omar the freshman democrat from minnesota publicly apologized monday after she faced backlash for tweets condemned by both sides of the aisle as antisemitic, washington first she was ilhan get the hijab done omar portrayed by a comic actress on saturday night live curling her biceps scaling the side of a building with her bare hands , over the weekend republican house minority leader kevin mccarthy said he would seek to formally sanction the first two muslim congresswomen ilhan omar and rashida tlaib because their criticism ilhan omar ilhan omar born 1982 is a somaliamerican politician from minnesota in 2016 she was elected a democraticfarmerlabor party member of the minnesota house of representatives making her the first somaliamerican legislator elected to office in the united states she is the director of policy and initiatives, about ilhan born in somalia ilhan and her family fled the countrys civil war when she was eightyearsold they lived in a refugee camp in kenya for four years before coming to the united states eventually settling in the cedarriverside neighborhood of minneapolis in 1997, ilhan omar is a candidate for the us house of representatives from minnesotas fifth district ilhan omar is a candidate for the us house of representatives from minnesotas fifth district cart 0, in january of 2017 omar was sworn into office with her hand on a quran not just any quran but the biggest quran that omar could find ilhan omar is currently running for congress in minnesota as hamas was attacking israel in 2012 and bombarding its civilian population with grad and qassam rockets ilhan omar who was recently elected to congress dmn tweeted israel has hypnotized the world may allah awaken the people and help them see the evils of israel during her , the youngest of seven siblings ilhan omar was born in mogadishu somalia in 1982 after civil war broke out there in 1991 she and her family fled to a refugee camp in kenya where they spent four years before migrating to america

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