Grey Headed Flying Fox Did You Know That The Reason Why

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Threatened Flying Fox Australia Protecting All Animals

grey headed flying fox grey headed flying fox is an australian megabat belonging to the genus pteropus being one of the biggest bat species these mammals inhabit varied locations in its native place migrating hundreds of miles for food, the flying fox looks very much like the canine creature for which it is named the grey head is visible along with its long snout and large eyes even when the animals large black wings are wrapped around its body, the species shares mainland australia with three other members of the genus pteropus the little red flying fox p scapulatus the spectacled flying fox p conspicillatus and the black flying fox the greyheaded flying fox is endemic to the southeastern forested areas of australia principally east of the great dividing range, why the greyheaded flyingfox is listed as a threatened species a threatened species is one that has been formally determined to be threatened with extinction in the near future we often think of a threatened species as rare such as the javan rhinoceros with fewer than 100 individuals left in the world did you know a flying fox roosting site is called a camp or campsite click to tweet this next video shows how the bats are happy at their yarra band park home at the end of the video you can see another grey headed flying fox with her baby bat it is so adorable when she wraps him up with her wings, the greyheaded flyingfox is one of the largest bats in australia with a wingspan of over 1 m identification the greyheaded flyingfox is mostly dark brown except for a grey head and orangered mantle encircling the neck, domesticated dogs dogs can attack the flying foxes farming kind of like urbanization but farmers also kill the bats powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates, the greyheaded flying fox is now a prominent federal conservation problem in australia early in the last century the species was considered abundant with numbers estimated in the many millions in recent years though direct evidence has been accumulating that the species is in serious decline flying foxes are not related to foxes at all but are a group of bats with foxlike heads a familiar sight over much of eastern australia greyheaded flying foxes or fruit bats are usually seen at dusk leaving their preferred roosting site in large numbers heading out to favorite feeding areas, actions that are likely to have a significant impact on the greyheaded spectacled or christmas island flyingfox must be referred to the australian government if you are not sure if a proposed activity is likely to have a significant impact on these flyingfoxes please contact the department to discuss it by emailing epbcreferrals

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