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35 Amazing Dolly Parton Tattoos NSF MUSIC STATION Part 2

parton has been the center of tattoo rumors for years especially after exposing what seemed like part of one in her cleavage at the joyful noise premiere in 2012, dolly parton comes clean on her tattoos setting the rumors straight dolly parton dished on her tattoos revealing that she has a few of them on her body written by kelly brickey october 23 2017, dolly parton might seem like a rhinestone and rainbowobsessed goodie twoshoes but the country legend revealed she has a hidden rebellious side the 9 to 5 songstress told e news that while the rumors her arms and torso are covered in ink isnt true she does have some scattered tattoos , dolly partons mythical tattoos have been a buzzedabout topic among her fans for yearssome have suggested that the country superstars arms might even be covered in ink theorizing that her last week rumors of dolly partons alleged tattoos began rumbling once again so during her appearance on the today show on tuesday may 13 the blonde bombshell who hasnt been since in , tattling about the tats photos celebs crazy tattoos just in time for her 42nd album to drop the longswirling rumor of dolly partons secret tattoos has once again resurfaced the theory as , dolly parton is totally tattooedshe showed me shes got all these awesome tattoos all over bodyno black or blue lines all like pastel gorgeous bows all over everything, dolly parton on those tattoos and one macabre fan gift the country singer keeps getting older but the fans who worship her stay the same age parton reached deep into her dolly joke book and fans still believe dolly parton has secret tattoos covering her arms despite her constant denial by ileana paulesbronet, well its not so secret anymore appearing on today this morning dolly parton was asked about the tattoos that were rumored to cover her breasts and arms and she came clean saying i have a

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