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clipped is an american sitcom that aired on tbs from june 16 to august 18 2015 the series stars mike castle and ashley tisdale and centers on a group of coworkers who all went to high school together but ran in very different crowds now they find themselves working together at buzzys a barbershop on october 23 2015 tbs canceled the series after one season, used to describe speech that is fast that uses short sounds and few words and that is often unfriendly or rude, for each clipped strip received the brand donates 50 cents to earth share of new england a federation of local national and international nonprofit environmental and conservation charities, another way of saying its over buy the domain for your foodie site created by david kohan max mutchnick with mike castle ashley tisdale lauren lapkus ryan pinkston a group of people who all went to high school together but ran in very different crowds now find themselves working together at a barbershop in charlestown massachusetts, 1 to cut cut off or cut out with or as if with shears clip coupons clipped three seconds off the record, verb used with object clipped clipped or clipt clipping to cut or cut off or out as with shears to clip a rose from a bush to trim by cutting to clip a hedge to cut or trim the hair or fleece of shear to clip a poodle to pare the edge of a coin, and the clipped privet bush by the trellis and the may tree by the gate the thanks clipped like a steel trap and the business was completed definition of clipped from the collins english dictionary demonstratives demonstratives are used to specify the distance of something in space or time in relation to the speaker the demonstratives are this that these those this and these refer to objects near the s, something such as an article or a picture that has been cut out of a newspaper or magazine a small piece that has been cut off of something see the full definition for clipping in the english language learners dictionary

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